Honors Received by HRH Prince Darrick

The following honors have been received by HRH Prince Darrick.

The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross 

Awarded February 25, 2018

Croix D'Honneur

Awarded April 17, 2018

Kentucky Colonel

Awarded May 1, 2018

Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel

Awarded May 20, 2018

Royal Academy of Aristocracy

Awarded Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom July 2, 2018

Royal Scientific Senate

Awarded Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom July 2, 2018

Association of the Representatives Kingdom Bunyoro - Kitara Worldwide

Awarded July 2, 2018 

Royal Society of Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara of all Sciences 

 Awarded July 2, 2018

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