Kamehameha Day 2018

HRH Prince Darrick of Hawaii being recognized and accepted as an heir to the Kingdom of Hawaii at the 2018 Kamehameha Day Celebration.

The ladies of Kaahumanu Society and The Royal Order of Kamehameha recieved him well. There was also a meeting with the Royal Pomare Family of Tahiti, relatives to His Royal Highness through his 3rd generation grandfather Robert Hoapili Baker who was the step brother of Tamatoa Baker.

HRH Prince Darrick and HRH Princess Anna would like to give thanks to the efforts of Herman Helemano Lee, a well respected elder in the community who made all of this possible, and of course to Doug Tolentino for his amazing diligence in completing the genealogy that provides proof of Prince Darrick's claim as Heir to the Kingdom.

Statue of Kamehameha I

Our papa Robert Hoapili Baker posed for this statue along with his step brother, Tamatoa Baker.

HRH Prince Darrick

HRH Prince Darrick with his family sitting in the VIP tent with the Kaahamnu Society, the Royal Order of Kamehameha and the Governor and his wife.

Royal Cousins

Royal cousins from Tahiti, the Pomare family

Royal Princesses

HRH Prince Darrick with his cousin and niece, Princess Idony Punahele and Princess Makamae.

Blessing the Genealogy

Our Royal Cousin from Tahiti chanting and accepting the genealogy.

Herman "Helemano" Lee

Herman "Helemano" Lee, our friend and advisor, member of the Privy Council for the Royal House of Hawai'i, who made all of this possible!

Royal Princesses

HRH Prince Darrick with Uncle Helemano Lee, the Prince's sister Princess Sheri and her daughter Princess Makamae.

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