The Hoapili Foundation

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Darrick and Princess Anna of Hawai’i support both Hawaiian and international philanthropic endeavours.

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Darrick and Princess Anna
Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Darrick and Princess Anna

“We feel that it is important to care for our people in whatever capacity we can. We believe in the principles of Ho’omau Ke Ola in that it incorporates the ancient practices of our Hawaiian ancestors in an effort to assist in the rehabilitation of our Hawaiian people who have addictions. As a non profit facility, it is important to raise funds for their continued success. We believe in a healthy lifestyle for not only our adults but also for the children that are a part of the families involved and for their future. ”

The Hoapili Foundation also supports education.

“Kawaikini Charter School, a non profit school teaching the children of Hawai'i the culture, the language and the arts of our hawaiian ancestors. This school not only immerses the children but also the family In all things hawaiian. They believe in the health and well being of the people and the success of each child to face the future with dignity and pride and to always remember where they come from and who they are as kanaka maoli. This school has a special place in our hearts and we agree wholeheartedly with what the school believes in…”

Attending the Royal Society of St. George ( California Branch) 2018

The Royal Society of St. George (RSSG) is a benevolent and charitable organisation. Members of the RSSG are very active philanthropists, working for various charities locally and abroad.

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