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The Royal House of Kamakahelei has as its progenitor Queen Kamakahelei, Ali’i Nui o Kaua’i, Queen Regnant of Kaua’i who ruled Kaua’i for 27 years.

Kamakahelei was the only daughter of High Chief Kaumeheiwa, the son of High Chief Lonoikahaupu and High Chiefess Kamuokaumeheiwa, and his wife, High Chiefess Kaʻapuwai the daughter of Peleioholani Ali’i Nui of Oahu and Kaua’i.

Her surviving sons became King George Kaumualii of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau & Prince Ikekeleaiku the head of the House of Kamakahelei.

Queen Kamakahelei (-1794)


The Royal House of Kamakahelei descends from the ‘ruling’ Royal House of Queen regnant Kamakahelei Ali’i Nui through her son Prince Ikekeleaiku, in direct male line of Princes of Kaua’i to the current Head of the House of Kamakahelei, H.R.H. Prince Darrick Ali’i Nui.

Queen Kamakahelei m. Chief Kini ( High Chiefs of Kaua’i)

Prince Ikekeleaiku m. Ali’i Maile Kaikilani Napuupahoehoe (High Chiefs of Liloa)

H.E. Col. Robert Hoapili Baker m. Ali’i Emma Kamakanoanoa Merseberg (High Chiefs of Hawai’i & Kohala)

Ali’i Robert Hoapili Baker II m. Ali’i Elizabeth Komoikai’ehuehu (House of Luluka kahu hanai to the House of Kamehameha)

Ali’i Robert Hoapili Baker III m. Ali’i Bernice Kailiponi Lane (High Chiefs of Ko'olau)

Ali’i Charles Augustus Baker I m. Elaine Eiko Nagao

H.R.H. Prince Darrick Baker m. H.R.H. Princess Anna Martin

(Certified by Hawaiian genealogist Douglas Brown Tolentino)

The Princes of Kaua’i adopted the surname of Baker through the second marriage of H.R.H. Prince Darrick's Third great-grandmother Ali’i Maile Kaikilani Napuupahoehoe, who married Captain Adam Baker (step father of H.E. Robert Hoapili Baker I)

H.E. Robert Hoapili Baker I, Prince of Kaua’i (1847- 1900)

H.E. Robert Hoapili Baker married Ali'i Emma Kamakanoanoa Merseberg who descended from the High Chiefs of Hawai'i & Kohala through her mother, High Chiefess Emma Keali'i Kamakanoanoa. Emma Merseberg's father was William Merseberg 3rd Bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band (The King's Band).


Ali’i Robert Hoapili Baker II (1874- 1935) married Ali’i Elizabeth Komoikai’ehuehu who descended from the House of Luluka. Ali’i Luluka and his sister Queen Keaka Kalopelekai (wife of King Alapainui the Great of Hawai’i, uncle of Kamehameha) were kahu hanai (adoptive parents and protectors in the Hawaiian tradition) to King Kamehameha I. The House of Luluka went on to serve the House of Kamehameha for three generations.

Ali’i Robert Hoapili Baker II was the 8th bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band who had followed the family tradition that commenced with his grandfather William Merseberg.


Ali’i Robert Hoapili Baker III (1900- 1986) married Ali’i Bernice Kailiponi Lane (1898- 1941) who descended from the High Chiefs of Ko'olau. Her grandmother was Chiefess Kukeakalani Kahooilimoku daughter of Chief Nuhi Kukanaloa, Keeper of King Kamehameha’s war canoe.

Bernice was a champion Hawaiian swimmer who, along with her cousin Clarence Lane a world record holder in a number of international swimming events, were on the Hawaiian swim team with their friend Duke Kahanamokua, Olympian and the "father of surfing".

Lot Lonoikaua Kamehameha Carey Lane (1863- 1953) proclaimed heir to King Kamehameha V

Her father was Lot Lonoikaua Kamehameha Lane, a Lieutenant in the Royal Guard and a devout royalist. Lot and his brothers James and John (future Mayor of Honolulu) all served in the Royal Guard of Queen Lili'uokalani, fighting valiantly to restore the Hawaiian Monarchy and Her Majesty to her rightful place after the coup d'etat by Hawaiian businessmen in the 1890's.

When Lot was born, King Kamehameha V, a close friend of the Lane family, personally gave the Lane's fifth child his own name, a rare and great honour in Hawaiian society. Then on the day of Lot's first birthday celebration, King Kamehameha V held the young Lot aloft declaring him as his heir before 2,000 witnesses. Unfortunately, the King passed before the formal adoption kahu hanai was undertaken.


H.R.H. Prince Darrick descends from the Royal Houses of Kaua’i, Liloa, Hawai’i, Mau’i Kohala, Luluka, Ko'olau and many others as proven by the Hawaiian Ali’i genealogical records. He is cousin to the former Kingdom of Hawaii Royal Houses of Kamehameha and Kalakaua.

H.R.H. Prince Darrick Baker, Prince of Kaua’i, Ali’i, and Head of the House of Kamakahelei

House of Kamakahelei

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