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A fantasy Order of the Crown of Hawai'i not recognised by the Hawaiian Royal Houses

The five Royal Orders of the Kingdom of Hawai'i are sacred and historical reminders of the glory of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

It is the duty of the Ali'i Nui, senior members of the Royal House of Hawai'i to protect and preserve the integrity of all aspects of the Hawaiian Kingdom until an Ali'i Mo'i is once again elected by a Council of the Hawaiian nobles, the Ali'i.

H.R.H. Prince Darrick of Hawai'i, Head of the House of Kamakahelei, Ali'i  has taken on this responsibility, on behalf of the senior members of the Royal House, to protect and preserve all aspects of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

In recent years, the senior members have had to step forward in view of a false claim by a distant relative of the Hawaiian nobility and one from a non-ruling clan who is claiming headship to the Royal House of Hawai'i. In short, there is NO Head of the Royal House of Hawai'i and this family is NOT eligible for election.

And to add to these spurious claims, a travesty and mockery of what is sacred to the Hawaiian Kingdom has been enacted against a most honored tradition. A 'fantasy' Order of the Crown has been formed with an altered insignia by way of changing the traditional and historical color to a garish purple! Something that is most sacrilegious and disrespectful to the memory of King Kalakaua and the Royal House of Hawai'i. One could suggest that by altering the original these people knew that they had no right or precedence to issue this 'award' and so created their own unauthorized 'version'!

And so be warned, anyone receiving this 'fantasy' award is NOT recognized by the senior members of the Royal House of Hawai'i.

What saddens us too is that, over the last few years, a number of legitimate Royal Houses, especially those in Europe, have been misled into believing that they have been receiving representatives and 'awards' from the Royal House of Hawai'i!

The Hawaiian people know the truth and the genealogical records and historical facts are clear.

And be very clear on this point....The Ali'i of Hawai'i will NOT be questioned by any self appointed non-Hawaiian group nor any individuals who know nothing about Ali'i genealogy, traditions and customs.

Crown Council of the Royal House of Kamakahelei


Disclaimer: Any reference made to Titles, Honours, Ranks/Grades, Awards, Post-Nominals and Membership Affiliations that are not applicable to, nor under the protection of the Royal House of Kamakahelei, are included on the official website as a courtesy only and their inclusion does not imply recognition, validation, or authentication by H.R.H. Prince Darrick, Head of the House of Kamakahelei.

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