The Kaua'i Museum

Our mission is to inspire and promote in the community, an appreciation and respect for the indigenous and immigrant people of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau, and their cultural heritage...

Queen Emma's Summer Palace


The Daughters of Hawai'i

The Daughters of Hawaiʻi was founded in 1903 by seven women who were daughters of American Protestant missionaries. They were born in Hawaiʻi, were citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi before annexation, and foresaw the inevitable loss of much of the Hawaiian culture..."'

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is a powerful symbol of Hawaii's past and its future. It is the mission of The Friends of Iolani Palace to preserve, restore, and protect this wahi pana (celebrated place) for local residents and people from around the world. By sharing, we perpetuate the history of the Hawaiian kingdom through this living restoration known as Iolani Palace.

Royal Hawaiian Band

H.R.H. Prince Darrick's Great Grandfather Robert Hoapili Baker Jr. (1873 -1935) was the 8th Bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band for a period of 3 years. H.R.H. Prince Darrick's Great Great Grandfather William Merseburgh, was the 3rd Bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band for 22 years.

Royal Order of Kamehameha I – Helu 'Ekahi – Moku o Hawai'i

The Royal Order of Kamehameha was formed to "guard, maintain and preserve the rituals and the memory of the ruling chiefs of Hawaii"

'Ahahui Ka'ahumanu – Hawaiian Royal Society

The Ahahui Ka'ahumanu promotes the language and culture of the Hawaiian people; provides support for the elderly; provides involvement for educational programs and encourages education that focuses on the health and well-being of its members.

H.R.H. Prince Darrick's Arms at the Society of American Armigers.

These are the Arms of H.R.H. Prince Darrick Lane Hoapili Liloa Kamakahelei Baker, a direct descendant of the Royal Kings of Hawaii.Society of American Armigers is a heraldic community and Register of American Arms.

House of Kamakahelei

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